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zolp OGDCL announces oil and gas discovery in Kohat


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Guap Lahore joins list of cities at risk of polio
KARACHI:Muttahida [url=https://www.airforces.us]nike air force[/url] [url=https://www.airforceone.fr]af1 noir[/url] Qaumi Move [url=https://www.airmaxplus.es]nike air max plus[/url] ment- Xkme Inquiry finds cops responsible for custodial death
Long before Priyanka Chopra became the flag bearer of representing the Indian way of life around the world, ano [url=https://www.adidas-originalss.fr]adidas originals[/url] ther Indian global celebrity had ruffled feathers and made heads turn with her enchanting beauty and wit.In 2004, Aishwarya appeared on Oprah Winfrey rsquo s television show and skillfully tackled questions pertaining to things the Westerners find odd about Indians and by default, [url=https://www.adidassamba.us]samba adv[/url] desis. She spoke about sexuality, arranged marriages, the [url=https://www.nikeairjordan.de]jordan 1[/url] English language, perceptions of American women in India, and skin colour.So as Priyanka gears up to appear on Oprah rsquo s upcoming episode after Meghan Markle, here rsquo s a look at Aishwarya rsquo s earlier interview.When asked about the dilemma of public display of affection in Indian films, Aishwarya had said, ldquo It rsquo s not really a familiar sight. People kiss, but it doesn rsquo t happen around the street corner. It rsquo s a more private expression of emotion, so I guess art imitates life and that comes across in our cinema. r

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Mwmi Key issues unresolved UN chief warns climate talks
QUETTA:Pak-Iran officials briefly reviewed arrangements for the upcoming pilgrimage for Chehlum in a joint meeting that was held at the Iranian bor [url=https://www.nikeair.fr]air max270[/url] der town Mirjawa. Deputy Commissioner Chagai Fateh Khan Khajjak led the Pakistani delegation and the Iranian delegation was represented by Marzaban of Mirjawa Colonel Shehram Khusro in the meeting. According to official sources, the Pakistani officials informed their Iranian counterparts that 24 hours operational 22 special immigration counters and separate p [url=https://www.adidascampus.us]adidas campus adv[/url] assages were established in Taftan to facilitate the Pakistani pilgrims. Both sides nominated their focal persons to further communicate the issues related to pilgrims to immediately resolve them. It was also decided that the number and relevan [url=https://www.nikeair.fr]air max 2023[/url] t details of pilgrims would be communicated prior 24 hours to both the sides to ensure effective regulation on the border. Thousands of Pakistani pilgrims are expected to visit Iran in the upcoming days during Chehlum of Imam Hussain (AS).Published Apkw President reiterates mediation offer
ISLAMABAD 聽:The [url=https://www.adidasoriginal.it]adidas originals[/url] Supreme Court of Pakistan [url=https://www.airmaxplus.de]nike air max blau[/url] on Tuesday summoned a report regarding an agreement in an honour killing case between an accused and the victim's husband. The incident occurred in Jhelum.A two-member bench, presided by Justice Azmat Saeed, conducted the hearing.The accused Muhammad Waqar, killed his sister in 2012, and entered into an agreement with his brother-in-law following the incident.Waqar had petitioned the court to accept the [url=https://www.nikeairjordan.de]nike jordan 1[/url] agreement in the case.Faisalabad struggles with scourge of honour killingsThe court also instructed the district session judge Jhelum to submit a report regarding the agreement within one month and adjourned the hearing.

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