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ietc Almeida thanks society that in the hardest moment of the pandemic


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Erlu Carmena attends 鈥淢ay 2鈥?by Benito P茅rez Gald贸s

Alfonso Alonso has asked the socialists to "remain within the constitutional pact and not open new debates at this time that could lead to instability." In statements to the media in Congress before the Meeting of Spokespersons, [url=https://www.nike-dunk.it] dunk nike low [/url] the popular leader expressed his surprise at "some improvisations" by Alfredo P茅rez Rubalcaba during his interview on TVE, [url=https://www.jordann.at] damen jordans [/url] such as the fact that During its course the leader of the socialists "seemed to ask for a federal state." Asked about Rubalcaba's interview on television, [url=https://www.nike-dunk.it] nike sb dunk [/url] said: "He has a lot of opinions, [url=https://www.adidas-yeezys.fr] yeezy slide [/url] explains little and proposes nothing." Questioned in turn about the sovereignist drift undertaken by the president of the Catalan Generalitat, [url=https://www.nbbalance.de] nb [/url] Alonso called on Artur Mas to, given that there is still a term ahead, to make "a reflection towards serenity and calm" since, as he emphasized, "it seems em"We always act with loyalty, and when we make a commitment we try to fulfill it," he added. Retirement of Aguirre Regarding the resignation announced the day before by the Madrid president Esperanza Aguirre, the popular spokesperson asked for "absolute respect " to Aguirre's "very personal" decision after having dedicated 30 years "brilliantly" to her vocation of serving the citizens, "giving her all and, furthermore, being honest and sincere." Alonso stated that "all the militants of the "We claim Esperanza Aguirre as our own," she demanded that her extraordinary work be recognized and, looking to the future, she assured that the Madrid PP project, promoted by Aguirre herself, "is a majority and will move forward." Situation Finally, asked about Joaqu铆n Almunia's words urging a decision "as soon as possible" on possible financial aid, the popular leader pointed out that "the sooner it is known exactlywhat may or may not suit the national interest." In this regard, he expressed his satisfaction that "the Government acts prudently...

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