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gego Street games for everyone in the Latina district


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Udpq I Job Fair for People with Disabilities

Remember that the popular people continue to reach out 鈥渟o that there is a European Government in Spain.鈥?The PP spokesperson in the European Parliament, [url=https://www.nikeairforces.de] nike air force 1 [/url] Esteban Gonz谩lez Pons, [url=https://www.nikeairforces.de] air force 1 [/url] has assured today, [url=https://www.yeezyy.at] yeezy sneakers [/url] after learning of the King's decision to set a date for a round of consultations before new general elections are called, [url=https://www.dunks.fr] dunk femme [/url] that "we have two options left, [url=https://www.adidas-yeezy.de] yeezy slide [/url] an extreme left government like the Greek one or an extreme center government like that of the European Commission." The vice president of the EPP Group has pointed out from Strasbourg, where the plenary session of the European Parliament is being held these days, that "the new round of consultations announced by the King falls within constitutional normality and, as long as there is a deadline to form a Government, we must continue trying to avoid elections." MANO TENDER OF THE PPGonz谩lez Pons has indicated that other elections 鈥渁re the last rec"Use of the system in the face of the failure of politicians" and recalled that from the PP, "from the beginning of this process, we have extended our hand and continue to have extended our hand to form in Spain a Government like that of the European Union, of socialists, liberal and popular." In this sense, the popular leader has stressed that the PP has always shown itself willing to a large coalition: "If the PSOE withdraws the veto of the PP, facilitating the creation of an extreme center Government, Mariano Rajoy could initiate a negotiation with Pedro S谩nchez that would lead to a European Government in Spain.鈥?Likewise, Gonzalez Pons referred to the consultation that Podemos will make to its supporters next weekend and highlighted that "politics makes strange bedfellows, but what we had not seen until now is the enemy sleeping with you." In any case, he added, a Government of PSOE, Podemos and Ciudadanos would be 鈥渃urious鈥?and 鈥渉ere they would consider it a tutti frutti Government鈥? he pointed out.in relation to how it would be understood in the European institutions.ELECTORAL COSTThe PP spokesperson in the European Parliament has also i...

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